हम रूठ भी जाएं तो ……हमें मनाएगा कौन,,बस इसी फिक्र में ……खुश रहते  हैं…!!

He is shouting at him,

“You don’t even know how to walk on the road…” 

The old man in a shivering voice replied, 
“Son, Actually I didn’t see the car coming from the front…. 

The old man gets upset after all this….. 

And in his room, sitting near the window he started thinking about the days when he was young and used to take his son to walk…. 

When the son ran to the road, he, in a very cool and composed manner, made him understand the traffic on road….. 

Then he suddenly realized that he is not a young man anymore, who has a beautiful wife who is very understanding. 

Whenever he got upset, his wife was there to make him believe in himself and fight the situation. She was her strength and support throughout every ups and downs…….. 

And he, with a smile on his face, starts looking at the road from the window…….. 

:-Nikshay Maurya