Is Acting really a career for you?

Career in acting or career as an actor can be really glamorous and profitable career. But a question is there that is acting really a career for you? Before pursuing a career in acting, the vision of a person must be clear that why he or she wants to join this profession. Usually people step towards career in acting by seeing only the glamorous face of this career. It is a common mentality of indian people that there are a number of opportunities in field of acting and it is really a very simple and glamorous job.very soon they start dreaming the luxury that an actor avails.
On the other side they ignore the dark side of this job. They can’t even imagine the struggle and problems that were faced by those actors in there struggling days. This it is also a fact that the nature of bollywood is very welcoming and if you really have passion for acting then this industry can add starts to your life but the fact is that majority of candidates come to bollywood by seeing the glow and charm only and this is the biggest mistake they commit.
So if you really have passion and patience then you are warmly welcome in Bollywood.

: Abhishek and Suraj

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